Stenger tweets about installing an air conditionerAs Woody Allen said, showing up is 80% of life. Unfortunately, Stenger missed nearly half of county council meetings this year. Last year, he missed a third of them. As county executive, you can’t phone it in. To hear your colleagues on the county council, and the important comments which citizens make at council meetings every week, you have to be there.

This tweet is from June 19, a Tuesday evening, on which Mr. Stenger should have been at a council meeting. Instead, he was dropping off a window unit to Ms. Willie in Hillsdale. I’m sure Ms. Willie appreciated the air conditioner, but couldn’t that have been done on Monday evening?

I will attend every council meeting. If I’m not in the hospital, I’m going to be there, serving the public. Not 63% of the time, or 55% of the time – every time.