St. Louis city has serious issues. Crime, leadership, and financial mismanagement have created a government which serves the few and does nothing for the many. Some politically motivated people have suggested solving these problems by allowing the city to become part of St. Louis county. We are against that.

  • It will cost the county. Advocates claim that it will cost the county nothing. In fact, the county would assume responsibility for the city’s arterial roads and parks, and would also be paying for the city’s “county employees” and costs associated with them.
  • The county has its own issues. We have large areas of the county which have been poorly served by county government. Rather than spreading our resources over a larger area, we need to focus on the issues that we already have.
  • Regionalism is always a one way street. The airport is in the county, yet you have to be a city resident to be an airport employee. County residents who work in the city must pay the city’s earnings tax. County residents also pay taxes to the Zoo-Museum District, but every facility that it funds is in the city. What county amenities are funded by a tax levied on city residents?

In a Facebook post several months ago we jokingly suggest that if the city wants a county to bail it out, it ought to merge with St. Charles county. This could be legally accomplished by transferring the Columbia Bottom Conservation Area from St. Louis county to the city. Of course, that will never happen: The affluent residents of St. Charles county won’t allow their tax dollars to be used to bail out the corrupt leaders who have done so much harm to the city. Residents of St. Louis county should not be asked to do so either, and we’ll strongly oppose it.