Grumpy SteveAs county executive, Stenger is famous for not getting along. When his personal interests are at stake, he is a ferocious advocate, mowing down anyone who dares get in his way. Because of this, the business of the county is not well done. Stenger  has pulled the wool over the county's eyes on numerous occasions, started public feuds over his personal issues, and attempted to lead by tantrum instead of with ideas.

We propose a better way. First, our door will be open at all times, to all members of the council. There will be no secret meetings, no backroom deals, no knifing of one member to pay off another. And there will be no legislation developed behind closed doors and dropped on the council without warning. Leadership must be a collaborative effort, and we will practice that.

Voters rewarded Stenger's failed leadership by voting out Pat Dolan, his only remaining ally on the council. We will reward voters by replacing grade school drama with productive leadership.