The problem with corruption is that it taints everything it touches. Even when a corrupt leader like Steve Stenger does something good, we can never be certain whether the underlying motive is corrupt. That’s why when it comes to governing, nothing is more important than honesty and sunshine.

We will have the most open administration in St. Louis county history. Here’s how:

  1. We’re taking the door to the county executive’s office off the hinges! No closed door meetings ever, period. Not with lobbyists, politicians, or special interests. Not to write legislation, make a deal, negotiate a contract – nothing. The county’s business will always be open.
  2. We’re revamping Sunshine Law compliance. The press and the public have been frustrated by dodgy responses to Sunshine requests. We’ll streamline the process with a web based request, waive fees on smaller requests, and provide the best Sunshine response in Missouri.
  3. We’ll provide daily campaign contribution disclosures. During the years between election cycles, Missouri only requires quarterly filing. County business goes on every day, and you deserve to be confident that nobody is buying access. So we’ll provide online disclosure of every campaign contribution within 24 hours.

Over the past four years, we’ve endured an endless stream of duplicity and deception from our county executive. We deserve better – and we’ll change everything the day we take office.