In basic civics class, we learn that there are three branches of government, separate and co-equal. But in Stenger’s world, the legislative branch is subject to him. In recent council action, changes were made to the budget which Stenger submitted to the council. In retaliation for changing his budget, Stenger defunded the council. Seriously. Our county executive removed funding from the county council, so that they wouldn’t even be able to make payroll.

The St. Louis Post-Dispatch report¬†includes a letter from Stenger, indicating that he was giving them back two weeks worth of operating funds so that they can come to him and “work it out.” This should offend every resident of this county. The county executive has the ability to propose legislation, and he has veto power. If that fails to get him what he wants in the legislative process, he doesn’t have the right to defund the council until they do what he wants. This is the behavior of a petty dictator.

In November, county voters have the ability to remove our aspiring dictator, and replace him with somebody who has respect for the democratic process. Republicans have offered a scandal plagued perennial candidate who currently faces two civil lawsuits. We are the right choice to lead St. Louis county, and hope to have your vote in November.