Who is Nick?

I grew up in Yellow Springs, a small town in southwestern Ohio. After attending State University of New York at Potsdam, majoring in economics and computer science, I came to St. Louis in 1986. I've had the privilege of living in a range of neighborhoods in the region, from Skinker-DeBaliviere to St. Peters. I've lived in Ferguson since 2005.

I have always had a consuming interest in public affairs. As a child, my letters to the editor were regularly published in The Yellow Springs News, a local weekly paper. I joined the Libertarian party several years ago, after concluding that the two major political parties were both working against the public interest.

What are my guiding principles?

Individual freedom. I believe that we are at our best when we are free to do our best. I don't want government meddling in our affairs, or telling us how to live our lives. What you do with your life and your body is nobody's business but your own.

Accountable government. Government ought never forget that it belongs to us. I believe in strong sunshine compliance, open decision making, and full disclosure. A government that is serving the people shouldn't need to keep secrets from those who it serves.

Community over all. When our community faces problems, we should look to ourselves for solutions. The unabated hardships we see around us come not from a lack of government, but rather, from a lack of community. A good leader will encourage solutions which empower the people rather than himself.

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