County government has lost its focus because of the failed leadership of Steve Stenger. Everyone wins when county government is oriented toward serving the common good. Salus Populi Suprema Lex Esto.


For so many things, "that's the way it has always been" is the justification. That way of thinking has lost us two automobile plants, several corporate headquarters, two football teams, and much more. We'll bring an open minded approach. Just don't ask where we went to high school.


Our county government has been at war for years. We will end that war with an inclusive and responsive executive office. Our door will be open to everyone, without regard to faction or party. Let's get this job done!

Why Libertarian?

I'm a Social Justice Libertarian. That means I recognize that the tables have been tilted against the poor and minorities for most of history. And I believe we have a responsibility to ensure that opportunities are not reserved for the privileged. When government is conscious of its power, it can work with this goal in mind.

It also means that when I see a problem, I don't reflexively seek a government focused solution. Instead, I believe that in a community, WE are the solution. If a car breaks down in the road, the government solution is to have it towed to an impound lot, and give the owner a ticket for obstructing traffic. The community solution is that a few of us pull over, and push the car to a nearby parking lot.

As county executive, I believe in crafting a government that works for all of us. That means working to make assessment appeals feasible for ordinary people and not just lawyers and appraisers. It means ensuring the county's attention and resources are fairly allocated. And most important, it means taking care that every worker and every dollar are directed toward functions which improve life in a meaningful way for county residents.


Next Step ...

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